Wedding day forecast: RAIN.

We’ve never come across a couple who was wishing for a wedding day filled with rain; however, it’s always a possibility. Instead of stressing about the tears of mother nature, embrace the fact, be prepared and make the best of it. Preparation is good not only for you mentally but also for your wedding party & guests. After all, they do say it’s good luck and we all need a little luck..

If you’re having your wedding at an outdoor venue, you most certainly need to have a plan B in place. By having a professional wedding planner to help plan your wedding this plan B will already be in place. You can also utilize the help of a Day of Coordinator to assist on the day of your wedding, as we have plenty of first-hand experience in dealing with rainy day weddings. Check out our tips for rainy day weddings!

{Plan B Updates}

Include a separate inclement weather card. This card goes out with your wedding invitations. If you are planning a wedding during a rainy season then this card is a must have. This card will have information on it pertaining to what the Plan B is. It may be an alternate location along with directions. It can also include a contact phone number to call 24 hours in advance to determine if in fact the plan B will be utilized.

If it’s not during a rainy season, you could have Plan B information put on your welcome letter or on your wedding website.

{Tent Rentals}

Reserve a tent. Most tent rental companies only require a deposit to reserve the tent and you can get the deposit back if you cancel within a few days of the wedding. This gives you the added security in knowing if you need the tent it is on reserve.


If rainy weather is in the forecast have plenty of golf size umbrellas on hand for guests to use during the ceremony if no alternate area can be arranged. Even if you have an alternate indoor/covered location ushers can use umbrellas to escort guests from their vehicles to the

covered area. Purchasing umbrellas in coordinating wedding colors will make for beautiful rainy day wedding photos! {} You could also stick umbrellas in drinks to play on the day!

{Rain Boots}

Great bridal party gifts, can always return them if the rain holds off! Your bridesmaids will be so grateful that they do not have to walk through puddles in their heels! Plus, who doesn’t need another pair of cute rubber rain boots! Check out the photo below with the red Hunters, Laura from Billingham Photography, lent her bride these fun and appropriate boots before taking her out for her portrait-we love when photographers offer extra ah-mazing props! Kudos, Laura!

{Rubber Ducks}

Embrace the Rain! Have cute props that you can incorporate into your wedding photos/photo booth such as rubber duckies and toy boats to place in puddles of rain to really reflect that you didn’t let the weather ruin your beautiful day.

{Alternative Photo Plans}

Talk to your photographer and find out alternative, unique places in case your planned outdoor photo sessions have to be re-routed indoors. Take this as an opportunity to be really creative, an art gallery, museum, etc.

tips for rainy day weddings

Photo by: Laura Billingham Photography

 Photo Credit: Vesic Photography

Tips for rainy day weddings

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Photo by: Stark Studio Photography

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